RK Trading was founded in 1996 for the purpose of selling and servicing machinery designed specifically for the production of springs, formed wire products and spring end grinders. The targeted market was primarily the job shop spring industry with a secondary emphasis on O.E.M’s who made these products in-house for their own consumption. Since RK’s inception, it has rigorously adhered to the following principles:
      1- Providing its customers with technically advanced, well constructed machines at reasonable prices.
      2- Dealing with customers in a highly ethical manner, honestly and with integrity
      3- Providing exemplary after-sales service both in parts, service and technical support.
These principles are as important to us today as they were in 1996. The simple fact that over 85% of our sales are to existing customers bears witness to the fact that we have provided our customers, both old and new, with the products they need at prices they can afford. Although price is always important (and we are price competitive), our emphasis has been on the total value we can give to our customers. Spring manufacturers are faced today are being constantly challenged to find new and better ways to conduct their business. Higher material costs, customer demands for lower prices, increased competition from non-domestic producers have all impacted the job shop manufacturer. It is our stated goal to work with our customers to help them to maximize machine performance in order to achieve maximum profitability, not just at the time of sales but on a continuing basis. Whether it is for the purpose of simply up-grading to modern technology or for a new project, we are confident we can supply your needs. We can also provide special machinery for unique applications. In conclusion, we hope that you will consider RK products when making your next machinery purpose.


Herdon has over 35 years of experience in making quality machines for the spring and wire forming industry. It was started in a rented 500 sq. ft. factory dedicated to making spring end grinders. Today, the company is located in a 250,000 sq, ft. company owned facility in suburban Taipei, Taiwan. Unlike many Taiwanese manufacturers, most key components are made in-house using state-of the art CNC machinery in order to insure the highest possible quality. The companies product line has grown from simple spring grinders to encompass a full range of computerized spring coilers ( from .8mm up to 16mm in capacity), computerized spring formers (from 1mm to 8mm capacity), spring end grinders (from 14” dia. grinding wheels up to 36” diameter wheels both crush and downfeed). Within these product lines are a variety of configurations ranging from 6 axis, cam driven to 16 axis full servo formers and 2, 3 and 6 axis coilers. All Herdon machines feature dynamic programming which is flexible and at the same time extremely user friendly. An important part of Herdon’s product offerings is the ability to design and produce machines for special or unique applications. Herdon is currently manufacturing over 500 machines per year with world wide sales. RK TRADING is the exclusive North American distributor for Herdon machines.