Spring Forming

Herdon’s original line of CNC Spring Forming machinery, the CSM series features cam driven tooling slides for economy and high speed production of extension springs, torsion springs, and wire forms. Rotary quill is standard. An upgraded eight axis CNC controller adds functionality to Herdon’s programming system and allows the use of additional attachments such as single and double axis servo spinners. The optional EA Second Hook Finishing Station is also available for high speed, high volume production of extension springs. The CSM series now also features a dual feedback encoder system to provide tightest wire feeding tolerances possible.

As with all of Herdon’s machinery, the CSM series is ruggedly constructed and built to withstand years of continuous production. Wire feed and camshaft gear cases operate in an oil bath and automatic lubrication of tooling slides via a programmable interface at the operator console reduce maintenance requirements. A full set of versatile tool holders and a full set of cams comes as standard equipment so there are no hidden costs.

• Standard CNC controls up to 4 axes for simultaneous motion. More axis CNC is available as an option. CNC is customized for spring making.
• Adapt high-precision famous brand servo motors.
• The machine is ruggedly built with hardened parts and tooling. Central lubrication system is standard for all slides.
• TEACH function provides an easy, fast way to generate computer program.
• TEST mode allows control of program execution by hand.
• Auto detection of abnormal/error conditions, e.g. wire feed failure, servo motor alarms, battery low, . . . etc. Optional slide jam protection is also available.
• Up to 100 programs can be stored in memory, no need to upload from disk. RS232 port is provided for inter-computer file transfer.

Slides                                       8 Sets                    Second-Hook Finish Station (EA)
Tool Holders                            14 Pcs                    Rotating Quill
Cams                                       25 Pcs                    Servo Spinner
Force Back Cams                    24 Pcs                    Programmable Air-lift Feed Rollers
Cam Adjusting Blocks              19 Pcs                   Slide Jam Protection
Air port & touch sensors          5 Sets                   Safety Guard/Gate
Air Cylinders                             3 Sets                   Power Transformer
Lamp                                         1 Set                     Full set of Tooling
Tool Box                                    1 Set
Auto Reel                                  1 Set