HAX-80 Series Formers

The latest in the popular HAX series wire formers. 16-axis machine with all the standard features from the HAX series along with a new 3D changeable tooling head at the top and moveable face on the bottom three slides.

Specially designed operator interface provides an intuitive way of generating part programs.

Graphical representation of all axis.

Teach mode function provides an easy fast way to generate computer programs.

Small compact footprint.

Auto detection of part error conditions as well as status of machine.

Standard Accessories:
     • Full 1 year warranty on parts and labor
     • Free training in the RK facility with 30 day follow up training in customer's plant
     • Operations manual both hard copy and PDF file
     • Safety hood
     • 5 slides (three moveable)
     • 8 tool holders
     • 3 single top head servo spinners
     • 3 rotating tool stations
     • 3 touch probe kits
     • I set of tooling
     • Full set of metric wrenches
     • Tool box with misc screws and washers

Optional Equipment:
     • Single servo spinners
     • Hydraulic cutting unit
     • Power Payoff reels (60 kgs, 100 kgs and 200 kgs)
     • Sets of tooling