HAX-20 Series Formers with AT Attachment

The newest, most efficient model in the popular HAX series wire formers. This 16-axis machine features an AT attachment in addition to standard HAX series features, a 3D changeable tooling head at the top and moveable face on the bottom three slides.

AT Features:
     • 3D Rotating tool holder with 3 tool attachments
     • Small ergonomically designed attachment
     • Same easy Herdon programming that you are used to

AT Benefits:
     • AT attachment allows wider range of finished wire forms and double torsion springs made start-to-finish on one machine.
     • No need to move part off machine for secondary operations for completion.
     • Widen your scope of jobs and increase profit margins
     • Increased Repeatability of complex parts

Standard Accessories:
     • Full 1 year warranty on parts and labor
     • Free training in the RK facility with 30 day follow up training in customer's plant
     • Operations manual both hard copy and PDF file
     • Safety hood
     • 5 slides (three moveable)
     • 8 tool holders
     • 3 single top head servo spinners
     • 3 rotating tool stations
     • 3 touch probe kits
     • I set of tooling
     • Full set of metric wrenches
     • Tool box with misc screws and washers

Optional Equipment:
     • Single servo spinners
     • Hydraulic cutting unit
     • Power Payoff reels (1,500 kgs, 2,000 kgs and 3,000 kgs)
     • Full sets of tooling