Spring and Wire Form Production

An enhancement of the original CSM series, the RFM series offers all the same features and benefits of the CSM series with the addition of wire rotation capability. The increased versatility, ease of set up, and reduced set up times available with wire rotation must be experienced to be believed! Production of springs and wire forms that once required multiple secondary operations can now be done complete, with surprisingly fast set up times and a significant reduction in labor costs. The RFM also has quill and wire rotations synchronization cabability for production of shaped wire parts.

The RFM series features the same advanced eight axis CNC processor as the CSM Series and the programming is virtually identical other than the addition of the wire rotation axis. Multiple optional Single axis servo spinners can reduce set up and tooling requirements. With the optional Dual Axis servo spinners, multiple bend radii can be generated from a single spinner! EA Second Hook finishing station is also available for high speed, high volume production of extension springs. The RFM series also shares the following features with the CSM Series:
      Rotary quill equipped as standard equipment.
      Dual encoder feedback system for highly accurate wire feeding.
      Automatic tooling slide lubrication via programmable interface on operator console.
      Full set of tool holders and cams provided as standard equipment so there are no hidden costs.

True Rotating-wire model simplifies the setup of specialty springs or wire forms. With the optional features like rotating quill and servo spinner, the machine gives a whole new dimension for spring makers.
Multiple-axis (up to 8 axis) CNC controller with color display.
Innovative design of rotating wire feed mechanism that can turn wire to anywhere desirable within plus or minus 360? with precision. No more dead angles in tool setup.
Adapt high-precision famous brand Japan made servo motors.
The machine is ruggedly built with hardened parts and tooling. Central lubrication system is standard for all slides. 6 rollers are used on 30T model to ensure smooth feeding of larger wires.
TEACH function provides an easy, fast way to generate computer program.
TEST mode allows control of program execution by hand.
Auto detection of abnormal/error conditions, e.g. wire feed failure, servo motor alarms, battery low, . . . etc. Optional slide jam protection is also available.

Rotary Wire                                                           Second-Hook Finish Station (EA)
Rotary Quill                                                            Servo Spinner
Slides                                       8 Sets                   Full set of Tooling
Tool Holders                            14 Pcs                   Slide Jam Protection
Air port & touch sensors          5 Sets                  Safety Guard/Gate
Air Cylinders                             3 Sets                  Power Transformer
Lamp                                         1 Set                    
Tool Box                                    1 Set                   
Auto Reel                                  1 Set